>Will & The Wheel on Repubblica.it<

Posted by on Friday July 8th, 2011

Will & The Wheel was featured on one of the most widespread italian newspaper La Repubblica on its Website. Watch the short and read the comments on the Repubblica.it Website.


>The Best Animated Shorts of 2010<

Posted by on Wednesday February 9th, 2011

Will and the Wheel one of “The Best Animated Shorts of 2010″ on Escape Studios UK Website

>Will & The Wheel on 3D World magazine!<

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Best new animated shorts from outside the major studios, this month focus on Will & the Wheel on 3D World magazine!

Will & the Wheel on 3D World

>Will & The Wheel is running on Motion Served<

Posted by on Friday September 10th, 2010

Playstos Entertainment’s first short film is running now on Motion Served!! Will, an enterprising hamster, tries building an ingenious and mysterious machinery using his beloved wheel.