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Cocktail Maker

Cocktail Maker is the only game that actually lets you make and see the result of your mixed drink. You can mix up more than 70 different ingredients to make the perfect cocktail and share it with your friends, even on Facebook and Twitter.

In Freestyle mode you can experiment and create your own original cocktails, while in Game mode you try to mix classic cocktails following world's favorite classic recipes.

  • Choose the glass style for your cocktail, or choose a recipe for a classic cocktail
  • Pour the ingredients in the shaker, selecting from a wide variety of sodas, liquors, fruit and flavourings
  • Add ice and all kind of decorations: umbrellas, fruit wedges, olives...
  • Shake the device to mix!!
  • The cocktail is ready: show your creation to everyone, share it online and let your friends have a go, too!

Development Team

  • Production - Luca Da Rios, Ivan Piasini
  • Design - Elena Redaelli, Giorgio Ciapponi
  • Code - Marco Spasiano
  • Art - Elena Redaelli
  • Localisation - Gabriele Baldissera, Giorgio Ciapponi
  • Sound - Davide Pensato (dpstudios)