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Crazy Shodo

Become a master of the fine art of Japanese calligraphy; learn how to draw characters and classical subjects (even some less traditional) one bit at a time until you complete your masterpiece!

  • Learn to draw characters and drawings in Crazy Shodo’s exclusive Trace Mode: it will show you step by step how to proceed, one stroke at a time.
  • Each of your strokes is individually evaluated. Additionally when the drawing is finished you get an overall assessment for your work. Your best creations are automatically saved in the gallery and you can share them with friends, anytime.
  • When you feel ready, bring the challenge online and see how you rank in speed mode!
  • If you want to vent your creative streak after learning the basics, you can draw freely and save your own custom creations in the gallery.
  • As every shodo master, create your personal stamp and use it to complete your works, it will be your unique signature.
Platform:iPad iPhone


iPhoneで字がうまくなるかも?書道のゲーム「Crazy Shodo」

Azure Tradition04/2010

書道ゲームiPhoneアプリ「Crazy Shodo」のレビュー

Development Team

  • Production - Luca Da Rios, Ivan Piasini
  • Design - Giorgio Ciapponi
  • Code - Marco Spasiano, Ivan Del Duca
  • Art - Elena Redaelli
  • Localisation - Gabriele Baldissera, Giorgio Ciapponi