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Crazy Traffic

Thanks to the great success, Crazy Traffic is now FREE! Try the new Crazy Traffic CRASHED, cities from all over the world, crashes, road hogs and much more, available now!

Crazy Traffic is a frantic puzzle game that will challenge your decision making capacity and your reflexes in a constant battle against time!

The city streets are a real jungle. Can you maintain control? Switch traffic lights on and off during rush hour to prevent traffic jams. Manage the traffic flow of a network of intertwined city streets.

Prevent traffic jams during rush hour in Survival Mode, clear the streets of paralyzing snarls in Puzzle Mode, or just amuse yourself controlling traffic in Freestyle Mode!

In Crazy Traffic you must choose carefully which traffic lights to change in order to allow traffic to flow through each of the intersections without long lines forming that will bring traffic to a halt.


Development Team

  • Production - Luca Da Rios, Ivan Piasini
  • Design - Ivan Del Duca, Ivan Piasini
  • Code - Ivan Del Duca
  • Art - Elena Redaelli, Michele De Negri, William Lorenzetti, Fabrizio Dini
  • Audio Design - Davide Pensato (dpstudios)
  • Music - Stefano Palmonari
  • Localisation - Gabriele Baldissera, Giorgio Ciapponi