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Crazy Traffic Crashed

Crazy Traffic CRASHED takes puzzle games to a new level!

Control traffic of the most famous cities across the world in 4 engaging game modes, including the new CRASHED mode, in an original game that will challenge your intelligence and reflexes.

The XL version for iPad will deliver double (or 4x, if you're counting pixels) resolution for the graphics enhancing the gameplay experience at the same price of the iPhone version.

Tap on the crossroads to switch traffic lights and direct vehicles accordingly, remove hazardous water and ice on the way, all the while as you pay attention to road hogs. If something goes wrong... CRASH! There might be an accident, it’s up to you to arrange the situation and restore it back to normal.

Platform:iPad iPhone

Development Team

  • Production - Luca Da Rios, Ivan Piasini
  • Design - Ivan Del duca, Ivan Piasini
  • Code - Ivan Del duca
  • Art - Elena Redaelli, Michele De negri, William Lorenzetti, Fabrizio Dini
  • Audio Design - Davide Pensato (dpstudios)
  • Music - Stefano Palmonari
  • Localization - Gabriele Baldissera, Giorgio Ciapponi