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Jump and roll with Pallurikio, a fast-paced action platformer, easy to pick up, yet challenging to master.

While playing a mysterious board game he found with his friends, Rusty is sucked up in a dimensional vortex and finds himself cast into a mystical and wondrous world, where he assumes the aspect of the round and bouncing Pallurikio.

Make Pallurikio jump and roll, and help him find his way through more than 50 enticing levels, while surviving all kinds of pitfalls and trickeries he might come across when traversing Bakumbala Jungle, the far reaches of Palluro Prime and many other environments.

Featuring physics simulation, Time Attack mode, collectable cards, and space rockets, Pallurikio is a game on which you won’t want to miss out!

Platform:Wii PSP



There's fun to be had playing this game, it's easy to pick up but challenging enough to bake your noodle and test your ability in gaming. Sure it's not a first person shooter, or a high speed racer, but little games such as this can be more challenging than some of the biggest name games on the hardest difficulty.


VERDICT 7.5/10

The game is actually good fun and can be challenging at many parts.

DIY Gamer01/2010

Pallurikio is a fun little platform game, that makes good use of the Wii’s motion controls.

Official Nintendo Magazine UK06/2010

VERDICT 6.9/10

Development Team

  • Executive producer - Luca Da Rios
  • Lead Programmer - Ivan Del Duca
  • Game Designer - Giorgio Ciapponi
  • Production - Ivan Piasini
  • Programming - Simone Balestra, Marco Spasiano
  • Level Design - Giorgio Ciapponi, Ivan Piasini
  • 3D Art - William Lorenzetti, Fabrizio Dini, Michele De Negri
  • 2D Art - Margherita Premuroso, Elena Redaelli
  • Audio Design - Davide Pensato (dpstudios)
  • Music - Stefano Palmonari
  • Localization - Gabriele Baldissera, Giorgio Ciapponi