Playstos Logo Background



Playstos Entertainment was founded in the Spring of 2001 by Luca Da Rios, a graduate in Engineering of the Politecnico University in Milan.

Playstos’ development path includes both industry standard and state-of-the-art in-house tools and technology. Our cross-platform technology has been developed and evolved since 2003 and allows us to efficiently work on different game genres as well as true multi-platform development.

We are an independent developer focused on small console games and we are a registered and authorized developer for Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DSi, Playstation 2, Playstation 3, Xbox 360, PSP (Playstation Portable), Apple iPhone/iPad, Google Android and Samsung BADA. Our experience covers obviously also Windows, Linux and Mac OSX PC game development.

Playstos works in partnership with Inky Mind UK and Inky Mind ITALY on the creation of visual assets for big projects.


Current Titles

Playstos is currently working on RWR (Real World Racing) a PC game available on Steam and on some DLC (Downloadable Contents) and on Virtual Sport games including Boxing, Soccer, Superbike Racing, Hockey and Basketball.


The Core Team

Playstos core team consists of ten game industry veterans like Ivan Del Duca, Rick Gush and Luca Da Rios and their track records include the following Playstos and not-Playstos games:

Dune II (PC – 1992/Westwood Studios)

The Lands of Lore series (PC – 1993/1999/Westwood Studios)

The Legend of Kyrandia series (PC – 1992/Westwood Studios)

Super Loopz (Super Nintendo-1994/Imagineer)

Iron Assault (1995/Virgin)

Screamer (PC, 1995/Virgin)

Screamer 2 (PC, 1996/Virgin)

Screamer Rally (PC, 1997/Virgin)

The SuperBike series (PC, 1998-2001/EA)

Racing Evolution (Xbox, 2002/Atari)

Ruff Trigger: The Vanocore Conspiracy (Ps2, 2004/Natsume).

Iridium Runners (Ps2, 2007/SouthPeak).

Fast Women (Xbox360, 2008/Playstos).

Pallurikio (WiiWare, 2009/Playstos)

Crazy Traffic (iPhone, 2009/Playstos)

Cocktail Maker (iPhone, 2009/Playstos)

Crazy Traffic Crashed (iPhone/BADA, 2010/Playstos)

Crazy Traffic Crashed  XL (iPad, 2010/Playstos)

Crazy Shodo (iPhone, 2010/Playstos)

Crazy Shodo XL (iPad, 2010/Playstos)

Pallurikio (PSP, 2010/Playstos)

RWR  (WinPC, 2013/Playstos)

RWR-Z (WinPC, 2014 – RWR Zombie MOD/Playstos)

King’s Rocket (WinPC/OSX/iOS/Android, Q3 2014)