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Scritto da il 6.03.2013

Dopo l’uscita della Open Beta Demo di Real World Racing, le risposte degli utenti e della critica sono state molto positive.

I giornalisti hanno evidenziato cosa ha colto il loro interesse mentre provavano Real World Racing.

“The Beta gives a brief insight into the magnitude of enjoyment on offer, and with an expansive career mode featuring 50 tracks and 80 cars, Real World Racing is a definite recommendation.”
John Williamson, True PC Gaming

“…it looks like a rare kind of fun.”
Jim Rossignol, Rock Paper Shotgun

“…there’s plenty to look forward to”
Kimber Streams, The Verge

“Real world racing takes a very oldschool style of gameplay and adds a very modern twist to it.”
Steve, Greenlit Gaming

“I’m getting a real Super Sprint vibe from the game, which I dig pretty hard, considering it was one of my favorite NES games.”
Chris Carter, Destructoid

“Overhead racing fans should absolutely check out RWR. ”
Julian Rignall

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