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>Playstos partners with MuSe<

Posted by on Wednesday July 31st, 2013

Playstos partners with MuSe, the Sciences Museum of Trento, recently inaugurated  with a big event lasted from 26 to 28 july.


The contribute of Playstos emerges from 5 applications and a videogame created for the center; some of these are visible on this video.


The mines of Trentino: an application to explore mines, production sites and testimonies present in the Trentino territory.

The caves of Trentino: an application to visualize and consult all the caves present in the zone, with a particular attention to the raw materials extracted and to the extraction age.

Silver in the Middle Age: an interactive book with animations and description pages about silver extraction and refining in the middle age.

Mines of the world: an interactive planisphere that lets you explore several POIs relating to mines excelling in a specific field.

Life beneath the ice: the view of a glacier with touch areas, that lets you know better this ecosystem with interactive dossiers.

Journey with the migratory birds: follow the migration of some featured bird species with this easy-to-use and amusing interactive game.