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Posted by on Wednesday March 6th, 2013

Following the release of the Open Beta Demo for Real World Racing, user response and press preview have been very positive.

Journalists have been highlighting what piqued their interest while hands-on with Real World Racing.

“The Beta gives a brief insight into the magnitude of enjoyment on offer, and with an expansive career mode featuring 50 tracks and 80 cars, Real World Racing is a definite recommendation.”
John Williamson, True PC Gaming

“…it looks like a rare kind of fun.”
Jim Rossignol, Rock Paper Shotgun

“…there’s plenty to look forward to”
Kimber Streams, The Verge

“Real world racing takes a very oldschool style of gameplay and adds a very modern twist to it.”
Steve, Greenlit Gaming

“I’m getting a real Super Sprint vibe from the game, which I dig pretty hard, considering it was one of my favorite NES games.”
Chris Carter, Destructoid

“Overhead racing fans should absolutely check out RWR. ”
Julian Rignall

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